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Handmade crochet garments and accesories available for purchase in my Handmade Goods Shop click here and at Monterey Peninsula local pop ups!

When I was 5 or 6 years old my best friend’s great-grand mother, Grandma Wicks, asked me if I would like to learn crochet. She invited me (my friend wasn’t interested) to supper and after I learned how to cover a wooden coat-hanger she shared a delicious cornflake fried chicken dinner with butterscotch pudding for dessert. Years later I am still crocheting. 


My subsequent foray into crochet in 1974 or so, with a gathering of young women taught by Nikki Chaffin in Pacific Grove. She showed us how to crochet anything we wanted to without a pattern. Just free hook it. The colors and stitches were many and varied and I made a whole outfit. It was the 70’s after all and I was in the “let your freak flag fly” crowd. 


Screen Shot 2021-10-24 at 11.45_edited.png

Today I am crocheting again. Bouncing off the patterns with my own color choices and shape shifting. Covid was the catalyst. I sat all day with lovely colors and felt the soft yarns flow through my fingers to create cozy designs. I am so happy to be back to a medium that gives me so much happiness with the idea that you might find happiness too wearing one of my pieces. 

All are one-of-a-kind. Find the one that is just YOU!



P.S. My design brand is named after my beautiful, aptly named GRACE doggie. RIP


Check this site and my Instagram for pop-up sales and new items. I hope you get hooked. 

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